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More Singaporean households become increasingly reliant on migrant domestic workers for housekeeping duties, child and elder care. Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs), formerly known as Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs), put their lives on hold and leave their loved ones and home countries to take care of others.


However, they are often in debt due to loans taken before arriving to work, extra agency charges and/or loans raised to deal with family emergencies. Hence, they end up in financial distress and desperation.

To make matters worse, many MDWs are facing a long period of separation from their families. Being unable to be reunited with their loved ones, BGSS has become a home away from home for these MDWs. A place of refuge and a close-knit community where their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs can be met. 

Our volunteers spend time with these MDWs every weekend to conduct training, engage in fun activities, and counsel them on any employment issues or any injustice faced. BGSS has also helped many MDWs out of loansharks and moneylender issues and continues to educate them so that they will not fall prey to other financial scams.

Today, BGSS has built a strong community where these MDWs are now helping their fellow MDW with a similar issue. We are committed to serving the MDWs community in Singapore and providing a safe haven for them.

Our Programmes

"BGSS has become a home away home for these MDWs" 

Blessing MDW Day


Movie Outing

Filipino Testimony

Some of these MDWs ladies came forth bravely to seek help for their debts issues.


BGSS helps 7 families that are affected by typhoons & floods in the Philippines.

Marryane's Testimony

Marryanne at our Virtual Flag Day, shares how her life was before she joined the BGSS Community.


Bonding Activities



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Care Group

Care Group

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