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Welcome to Blessed Grace Social Services.


It has been said that it takes a whole village to raise a child. Blessed Grace Social Services (BGSS) intends to be that “village” providing a community of people to help those struggling with life issues be made whole again.


Due to rising affluence, societal stress and pressure, addiction in its various forms (drugs, gambling, computer games etc) has raised its ugly head and has affected many individuals and families. BGSS intends to set up recovery/support groups to help them break free from the cycle of debts and addiction. The end purpose is to help each individual rediscover their worth and potential and transform them to be valuable contributors to society.


In addition, BGSS intends to partner and complement the work of the government by partnering with them in caring for the poor, the elderly, youths-at-risk and the marginalised.


I am very confident that BGSS will make a difference in the lives of many people because we have a community of committed volunteers who speak the language of the heartlanders. Many of them, having been through similar experiences themselves, can empathise with the struggles of people in need.


BGSS is therefore committed to being a community that will enrich the lives of many by relieving human needs, rebuilding lives and restoring families.


Billy Lee Han Tiong, Founder/ Executive Director

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